Sum of numbers is stored with only comma or without the last two digits

I’m developing my own checkout with an api request that only gives me the option to send the purchase amount in numbers without commas or dots.

“amount”: {
“value”: 1000,
“currency”: “BRL”

But it’s stored as 10.00 with a comma instead of 1000.

How do I get over it?

As I understand it, the values ​​added *manually typed by forms are not changed, now the values ​​calculated dynamically in the application, results are preset or formatted with numerical digits.

Hi Glauber, it would be good to know the API setup to know where the requests are being made and by what platform.


Thanks for reply, but, my problem is not the request, but the treatment of this value data, the api does not accept digits with a comma or period, but adalo offers me the sum of the values ​​in formats that do not serve.

Hi Glauber, it would help to know where you are receiving the data from Adalo. Does it allow you to concatenate the query result? Bear in mind, in doing this it will also change your data to text rather than numeric.