Templates, UI Kits and Snippet from Algan

Hello everyone,

I noticed that I have created many applications with Adalo but that they are no longer useful to me.

So I decided to propose them to you, some are free and some are paying in order to make the time I spent on them profitable.

I plan to add every week at least 1 free item and 1 paid item.

On https://algan.xyz you will find templates ready to publish, snippets and UI Kits based on existing applications (Uber, Twitter, etc.)

For the moment, are available :

Map and Distance Calculator (FREE)
With this snippet, you can easily calculate the distance between two places and calculate delivery or transport costs for example.

Honey - Mental Health ($14)
Honey is an application to manage your emotions. Note your emotions and write them in your diary. Relaxation exercises, crisis mode, No. of emergency and more!

All purchases include technical support and distribution rights (after modifications of course)

Available soon:

  • Enhanced List ( list based on social network design )
  • Full e-commerce app with shipping cost calculation
  • Professional contact management application.
  • Core Meditation which is an application like Spotify but for meditation, with music playback, playlist, favorites system, etc.
  • Uber UI, the complete design based on Uber
  • Netplus - Functional video player application based on Netflix
  • Next Social Network - Modern social network that mixes Reddit and Instagram. ready to launch.

Of these soon to be available items, I’ll let you choose what you want to have for free.

I thank you and the Adalo team for everything!

For any questions, don’t hesitate :slight_smile: