Text fields and conditional displays not updating on Android (but do on iOS)

Anyone else having an issue where a change made to a database field (e.g. amount owed) is not reflected in a text box or a conditional display does not update when condition changes - but only on Android?

My app is not updating in real time on Android. For example, if I have a list of notifications that are cleared when a user visits the notification screen, the notification icon conditional display doesn’t update. Or if I have a user with an amount owed field, when the value is changed, it does not change in the displayed text field?

Everything works fine on iOS, changes made are shown immediately, but on Android nothing changes. I have to force close the app and reopen it and then values/conditionals (or changes) are correctly reflected. Note that lists work fine, it’s just text boxes and conditional displays.

Can anyone help me out here? Does anyone have an Android app that changes display data or conditional displays in real time that could check if same thing is happening? Thanks!

Not sure if I’m asking this question the wrong way, or if there’s a different reason no one wants to respond? :disappointed_relieved:

Just looking to see if this is affecting anyone else or just me?

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