Text in "input" field not wrapping/working correctly

I am using a Custom Action to add text to an input field. However, the text is not wrapping and it is not allowing me to press enter and add aditional lines, either. The text just displays as a long line instead:
Screen Shot 2023-01-11 at 8.13.05 PM

Here is the styling that I have on the input field. I thought by checking the multi-line box, I would be able to add more lines.

Any ideas?

Does the text appear correctly on multiple lines if you type it yourself, or get the data from elsewhere?

No - the first time the user sees this input field, the text has already been put in there via the custom action. And even when I try to press enter myself, it doesn’t create a new line. Pressing enter seems to move my cursor away from that field entirely

This is strange, it could be the component is bugged. It works fine multiline when I just tested, typing by myself.

Try creating a new input field and seeing if it works. It could be a case of simply redoing it and it works.

That did seem to work. Thank you.

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