The progress bar does not fill up on one screen, but it works on the other

I have two “Progress bar” components that are configured the same way. The first component is located on the Home screen, the second on the profile screen. The component on the main screen is not filled in, and the component on the profile screen is working correctly. If anything, in both components I display the information that is stored in the logged-in user.
I’ve already tried it.:

  1. Fill the progress bar with static information (just substituted 10/100) instead of information from the database
  2. Make the progress bar bigger in height, suddenly the size also plays a role.
  3. Recreate the component, data, and screen.
    None of these methods helped.
    Who has faced this problem and can help?

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Hello, please try to re-add the component again. Please let me know if the issue persists.

Thank you!

Hello. Thanks for your reply. I removed the component from the screen, re-added it there and configured it. It still does not display anything, and the component on the other screen still continues to work.
Maybe there are some other ideas on how to make it work?

You’re welcome! You can try to create a new screen and copy all the components from the old screen to that new screen, then you can add the (Progress bar) component inside it.If the issue persists, you can submit a support ticket through this link: Submit a Support Ticket

Thank you!

I’m having the same issues with my progress bars. I submitted a ticket, but they said they couldn’t do anything with it. It almost seems like the screen is corrupt. Because I’ll add a progress bar and just throw in the numbers 50/100 to see it fill half way, but it won’t even fill. If I then create a new screen and add a new progress bar it works. The problem is, the screen that is not working has a lot of advanced magic text info in it and it would take a long time to just recreate that screen.

Also, in adding new progress bars, is it true you cannot adjust the size anymore? The bars have been changed and they are much more bigger and thicker with no way to shrink them.

No, creating a new screen still doesn’t work.

I have no such problems. I can adjust the thickness of the progress bar any way I want. But it doesn’t make sense if the progress bar doesn’t work.

Hello, submitting a support ticket will be the solution in this case.

Thank you!

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