TikTok like scrolling

I’m currently working on my TikTok like app, “Pulse” and i really need a component that allows the user to swipe up for the next video that is in a database!

Is there any component or can someone make one for me?

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@Michael mentioned that he was about to release one very soon, but I am not sure whats the status on it. I am waiting for it too :slight_smile:

I’m really excited for this one to be honest. What app do you plan to make when its out? :smiley:

It’s great to hear that you’re working on a new app. As for your question,there are several components that you can use to implement a swipe-up feature in your app. One option is to use the React Native Gesture Handler library, which provides components for handling touch gestures such as swipes. Another option is to use a popular navigation library like React Navigation, which also supports swiping between screens. I think your app can even help increase engagement on tiktok. Best of luck with your app development!

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@canel @Mohammed

Thanks for mentioning @dilon_perera - I was very excited for this component and waited several months.
But the price tag is very high. A very similar feel can be achieved with creating a custom list using PLYR component and few other icons. At least for our use case, this way works and its for free.