Tips & Tricks of the week!

As I am trying to make my self active in this community, and make people learn more in Adalo with simple Adalo hacks [NOT HACKING WEBSITE] just ways that will help you, I decided to make TIPS &TRICKS OF THE WEEK reason is I was new to Adalo in weeks but I have been working on my app 24/7 and kept learning until I knew a way, I may call myself intermediate not advanced, but since then community welcomed me, I wanted to welcome new users with simple tips and tricks of the week!


Can’t afford a text font feature? Here is solution! - Resources & Tutorials - Adalo

Check this out if you want to know how to make fonts without buying them with PRO plan, maybe annoying but its easy trick!

Want more from me I could try my best! Thanks to ALL who made me feel my apps are great!