Toggle Button Issue

I’m watching the Makerpad video on Custom Lists, Toggles, Modals, and Visibility and am walking through the process step by step like her but I’m not getting the choices that I need to associate the database for “What does this toggle?” I’m not sure what step I missed here. I’m using the Custom List and I created a collection for "Choice of Rice, " “Choice of Meat,” “Spice Level,” and “Extras,” and I associated each of those categories to the Menu Items and Restaurant Collections. I’m attaching pics here. Am I missing a step? How do I fix this?

Can you attach a screenshot of the data & relationships between them please as this is likely a data relationship issue

Here are the data of each of these collections and their relationships. Thanks for your help.


So, am I correct to relate the different choices collections to both the menu and restaurant? In this way, only these choices are associated with current restaurant and its attendant menu? The reason being that each restaurant will have their own choices collections and prices of that choice that only pertain to their restaurants? And, what I want this toggle button to do is add the dollar amount of each choice to the running total of the items that I want to add to the cart. I’m thinking about doing an action to add the dollar amount of the choices of meat, extras, spice level or choice of rice to the running total that goes to a modal before it is added to the cart, etc.

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