Toggles and custom lists

Hi everyone,

So I have this custom list of users with toggles in front of each. Each toggle is meant to add the user to a group in the database and so indicate wheter the user already belongs to the group or not. But in case the list gets really long, I would like a principal toggle in the screen that would turn on and off the whole list of toggles, and enable the loggedin user to check/uncheck it separately.

Any insight on how I could connect the principal toggle to the toggles in the list so the logged can do that ?

By the way the group where the users are put by the toggles is a “privacy” group that helps me manage the visibility of posts in a feed : If a user belongs to the group attached to a post, he can’t see the post. So if you have other ideas to make this work im open too !

Best regards,

Hello issadiop,

I think if you use the “visibility” property you should be able to to make the principal toggle connect to the toggles in the list. You should also add a filter to the lists, item should only be visible if principal toggle is on.


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