Trick to change the Texts to spanish?

So I think I can trick adding a white rectangle where I have Credit or debit card, but I cant tric “Card number” because is inside the input…

I could create a replica of this input and then change the values to this, but here I cant because I don’t have access to the inputs

Looks like you are using the Stripe component. Stripe says that it is configurable for language - so I think that is where you would need to make that change.

Hi, I dont see anything related with language in the stripe component

Have you logged into Stripe and checked there? You can’t use stripe until you create a stripe account.

Yes, I connected with stripe connect, but you know this is a component from Adalo, and I dont see anything related to change the language.

i also had the same issue with the “Change picture/Photo” and I had to trick it with white square

I would try logging into stripe.

It looks like there might be a setting

We cant modify the api call, and this is not a stripe plug in, its an Adalo plugin, that config should be in the component they are providing. I was expecting this would be modified with the browser language but its not happening or a place where I can set a text

I was just looking at the Stripe API and the “normal” call does not offer a language option. Looks like that is set in some other way. It does offer a currency toggle but the implementation of that in Adalo is static not dynamic. Sorry - I did not see a good answer for you

thanks to take a look

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