Trigger Notifications. Attempting to filter using 2 relational data fields


This question is related to triggered notifications. I have 4 collections I’m working with for this notification: Users, Announcements, Benefits and Segments.

Users can be related to many Benefits and many Segments. All Announcements are related to one Benefit and one Segment.

I’d like to be able to trigger notifications to Users with one specific Benefit and one specific Segment.

I can get the system to send a User a notification related to a specific Benefit or a User related to a specific Segment but cannot figure out how to filter both.

Below is the User fields:

Below is Announcement fields:

Here is the setup for the triggered notification:

Is this something that can be done with Trigger Notification filters and I’m just not understanding filters properly? If not, what are alternative options?


Hi @louiss10 ,

What I would do is to create interim collection which includes id of benefit, id of segment and user, if those ids are not empty, it means this is the intersection.

Generate (batch update) that interim collection and use it in other screen to generate other actions.

To generate it, users who has that benefit, create interim collection, and then users who belong to that segment, update interim collection (not create).

Just my thought.


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