Tutorial / Guide on when a new build is required?

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to figure out when a new build may be required for what level of change in an application. Obviously there’s lag between when an app is submitted for review by Apple / Google and when that version is accepted and live in the respective stores.

My question comes down to what level of changes or types of changes can be made on the Adalo side that don’t require a new build (and that time lag).

  1. Let’s say i have a simple user login action and on the “login” button i “update user” flag 1 = true. If i were to go in and change that action to flag 1 = false, does that require me to rebuild the binary and resubmit to apple/google?

  2. Let’s say I have 3 actions when a user clicks a button and I delete one of the 3 actions so there are only 2 left. Do i need to rebuild and resubmit or will the deleted action be gone?

  3. Let’s say i have a system variable collection with a text field whose property is named “Built using Adalpho” (misspelling). If i were to change the property to say “Built using Adalo” in the collection, would the user see Adalo or Adalpho?

Obviously new screens or functionality should require a build, but i’m curious if there’s a definitive guid or set of rules that would let us know what we can change and what we can’t without having to build software.


If anything changes on the screen level then push the update. And if anything changes on the database level no need for the update.

I hope this will help.

so what about a change of an action? like in my examples 1/2 above?


Yes, because this change will be on screen level so you need to push an update.


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