Unique Payment system

I am not sure if what I am looking for is difficult, easy, or impossible; but I would love your advice on where to get started! I assume this will be a Stripe thing but I could be wrong. Thank you for your help in advance! There are a few scenarios:

The client will pay a consultation fee to schedule an appointment. This fee will be held in “escrow” until an on-time appointment is confirmed to trigger a release of funds to the consultant. The trigger will probably involve a combination of arriving to the appointment address using geo location during a pre scheduled 30 minute window and being there for 10 - 15 minutes.

Products and Services
Once the client chooses their products and services they’ll sign a contract and pay for both in full. The portion dedicated to products will go into one account (my company) and the other will go into an “escrow” account and held until the project has been completed and the client confirms that they are happy with the services. Those funds will then be released to the service provider(s). Of course, there will be contingencies in the contract regarding mediation etc. should the client refuse to release payment upon completion, etc.

I will also want the opportunity to accept and track checks by ACH, as well as checks and cash in person but that will likely be done through a standard banking app…

You were right. It’s a Stripe thing.

You need to start there.

Thanks! I did some more research after I posted this and realize that it was a lot easier than I originally thought! I’m pretty sure it’s would be Stripe Connect for anyone that finds this later and needs to help… fell free to correct me if I’m wrong! Thanks for your response BTW!

Indeed, it’s Stripe Connect.

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