Update scores in a database

Hi everyone,
Can anyone help me how to update the score a person got in a quiz, with his name and score in database collection.

I tried it but both the name and score are coming seperately.

If the score is a Number field on User’s database you can do like this :slight_smile:
On your button or when the user arrives on the final score screen create this action :
Update > Logged in user > Score (the number field)
On the field add a magic text with CURRENT USER>SCORE + xxx

So, the databse use current score and add a number to it. I’m not english native so if you want and if you want I can provide screenshots

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Could you please attach a screenshot for a better understanding!
Thank you

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  1. On your button add a action > Update current user

  2. On the SCORE field use the Magic Text > Current user > SCORE

  3. Because the SCORE field is a number you can use some math abilities like + / - / *
    Add the number you want OR you can again use a magic text

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