Updating without rebuilding

Very rookie question here, hope you all don’t mind.

How do Adalo and Apple speak to one another - or, do they not?

For example, are there certain updates I could make in Adalo which would be reflected in the app on iOS immediately and without haven’t to rebuild? If so, what sort of updates? Password changes? User image changes?

And what about for Google Play?

I know the PWA is immediate, so no need to explain that one.


Hi Tanner :wave:

Maybe this reply by James will help you.

Thank you

So if, for example, I replaced a jpg on a screen with a png, that would require a rebuild, but if I updated a user’s default avatar in their record, that would update without a rebuild.


Yes. If you change something in your DB it will apply to your app directly but if you change the UI ( Image in a screen not connected to the DB, Text align, Text colors etc) then need a new build. I hope I’m correct.

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