Upload multiple images at once

Hi there,
Is it possible to upload multiple images/files?

I’m trying to build an app where users will be asked to upload multiple images.
I can create image1, image2, image3 etc. fields in the database but I think it will be an ugly solution.

Can we let a user upload multiple images and somehow link those images with that user?

I can create this very easily in bubble

See: How to create multiple image listing view?

I would create a new collection, call it, say, DBImages. Add property “Image” (to store the picture) and add a relation to User, one User can have multiple images.
Then, on the app screen, add an Image Picker and an “Upload” button. Add an Action for upload button - Create new DBImage, then select the Image Picker as an image source and current user as a User.
As a result you will get a relational database table - DBImages from which you could easily select Images belonging to a particular user (by creating List with filters).

One side note - seems that Image Picker does not support adding multiple images at a time, so user will have to upload them one by one.

Just my 2 cents )

Thank you @karimoo but not related to my question. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advise.
I also did something similar but my question was whether the user can upload all the images / files at once and those images are being uploaded and assigned to the user.

As you stated I think multifile uploads are not possible at the moment so I need to create 4-6 upload image form fields which looks little early 2000s but still better than not having a solution.

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There is no function to upload multiple files at once yet.

The workaround as Victor suggested is the best way to do this. It does not mean that you would have to create multiple “holding” properties for image1, image2 etc… as these images would just each be their own record within a collection and relate to the user collection (or to any other collection you want to relate it to).

In this tutorial video from @pford he explains this solution in the first part of the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSn-ttUEMN0

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I would agree with @Colin - if the images are “similar” in nature (i.e. illustrations for some item) - there is no need to create several image forms. User can upload images iteratively on the same screen, you you could add another button (Finish) to finish the process. Also you can do limitations for image quantity with a bit of programming, but that’s another case.

Thank you @Victor and @Colin

I created the app as you suggested by creating a collection called Photos which a child of the lead.

I might revert back to my implementation where contacts have 4-6 photo fields. I think this is more efficient for my use case since people would only upload 4-6 photos and nothing more. I think this will eliminate the app making database queries in another table.

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