Upload Multiple Images in Adalo at Once

Hi Adalo Community!
I would like to know if anyone has find a solution on how to implement the functionality of uploading multiple Image at once in Adalo. I am currently stuck on this problem , I am looking for suggestions and helpful solutions on how should I implement this functionality in my app. I have a collection “Bulk Images” with 8 properties(all “Image”) . create/ upload the images I decided to use a form component to my app screen . Below is the screenshot showing Image 1 as it is the only image available for selection. I would like it to be including all the images(1-8)

Hello, well as we know, the multiple images upload feature is not available. One of the available solutions for a better user experience is by creating a list of images of that record and adding the image picker and a button components. So once the user choose the image and save it by clicking on that button, it will be shown in the image list above. Also he can add the other picture while he still in the same screen.

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Hi @Ali-Bazzi
This is what I have implemented at the moment.
But anyways thanks for the explanation, highly appreciated

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There is a workaround to this. It won’t allow you to select multiple images at once then just hit upload.
The workaround will allow you to select the image one by one then just click an upload button and it will create record for each. Here is how I made it:


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