URL Query Parameters

Hii guys! I need some help here…

Is there a way to get a query parameter from URL and filter a list?
Or something to simulate deep linking?

For example: I designing a Uber Eats like WEB APP and I need to filter (or link) to an espesific “Restaurant”.
Is posibble to send a value from the URL? like: app.domain.com/.../?storeid=example
And get this value to magic text or something like that.

I’m playing arround with flutterflow, seems to have a lot more functionalities for this but I’m Adalo for life!! haha using it almost for 3 years now. I don’t want to switch platforms…

Any recomendations here? Thanks in advance for your help!

there is nocodemoney’s Url parametes but this is for a link to a page because there is only 5 options.

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