Using charts to visualise user inputs over time

Hi, has any figured out how users can input data (for example, a daily weight score) and then log this on a chart over time showing their progression, i.e. weight lost?

X - axis - DATE
Y-axis - WEIGHT (KG)

I can’t figure out the database structure. for example, if a user updates their weight score then will this override the previous weight score and will the chart then lose the previous scores only showing one data point?

You would need a collection for weight scores, so that each time a user logs a new one, it creates a new record.


Thanks Ben - I’ll look into this. Never come across collections

Hey Ben,

I’m trying to set this up just now - every time the screen opens which contains the chart I am getting a white screen and the app appears to be crashing.

Is there anyone on hand that can take a look at this?

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I have the same issue. when linking the Current Users>FieldCollection my line chart causes the whole page to turn white. - if i do not use a date as one of the axis, then it works and loads… what’s going on? is it my date’s format??

Okay so here’s what i’ve found: when i use the generated field “created date” instead of the date field the user fills out “visit date” then if i also turn off formatting (an option not available on the user-generated field), then the chart loads correctly (minus the unreadable string of dates and times at the bottom of a small chart) - Anyone know how to correct this? thanks!