Using file picker from mobile devices

Hey guys,

Wonder if anyone has had any luck with this one. Im trying to allow users to upload video/audio files to a news feed using the file picker. Works perfectly on the computer in preview mode, but in testing on mobile (specifically iOS), the files are grayed out and unavailable (as if the file type isn’t supported). However, PDFs can be uploaded no problem. I’m currently trying to upload from iOS files.

Seems like this would be highly desirable in a mobile experience. Anyone figure it out?


Do you have a short video or screenshots of this?

Hey Colin. No problem.

Below is the file picker embedded in a form:

Heres the icloud drive view with both an audio recording and a video grayed out:

PDFs show up fine and can be uploaded, so this feels like im missing something simple.


What are the specific file types (extensions) of these files?

  • The file formats I have tried are the native iOS audio and video files as recorded on the devices (.mp4, .mov, .m4a) using the camera app and voice recorder.
  • Whats weird is that I sent the same files to my computer and tried uploading in preview mode. I had no trouble selecting and uploading, and they played great in the app.

Hey @anon78309838, any thoughts on this?

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