Vertical Video (nocodemonkey) Issue

Hey everyone! Has anyone purchased the Vertical Video Component from NoCodeMonkey and have issues with it?! I have it in 2 locations in my app and in the web preview as well as the preview on my device everything works flawlessly and looks great! However, when I send my app to testflight the player doesn’t work. In one area it causes the app to just completely crash and in another i just get a bright white screen. Anyone know how to solve this issue?

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Yes I have the same problem. Unfortunately I had to revert back to using Plyr video for now until that gets fixed.

My iOS app crashes in TestFlight and I also get the bright white screen. Component mainly works in PWA for me at this moment.

@Michael did others report this too?

@Mohammed @jaronhumiston1
I’ll send you both a DM so we can figure out what’s causing your issue.

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