What are these sections?

I am see this strange thing called “Sections” everywhere … I am tired of deleting them and it looks like they keep reappearing … what are they? Does anyone know?

Looks like they are vectors?
Using a template?

I believe they displayed for rectangles when you clear that rectangle’s name! And I believe other components also has a name like that after clearing the name.

I’m not sure if this will be a feature request or a bug but maybe @Adalo_CXTeam can help here?

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Yes, @crystalball it appears you used a template. If you look above the name “Section” where it says “Shape”, that tells you which type of component was used. In this case, the “Section” is actually a shape component, more than likely just a rectangle.

You can rename the components by selecting a component and clicking its title. See this rectangle I just added to the screen is a ‘Shape’ component:

The name “rectangle 4” can be changed to “Section”:

Hey guys, I’ve shared with the CX team. Weirrrrrrd!

Nothing weird about it brotha @barrettnash. The cloneable templates have rectangles that have been renamed to “Section”

I think that it is a bug. Those sections are auto-generated by their own. I have a group with 6 sections components that I have never created and I have create the app from scratch.

These ‘sections’ have been popping up out of nowhere for me too when copying existing element groups (within the same app).
Causing weird and hard to squash bugs. Shared those in a different thread - mainly to do with element layering.

They seem to be a ‘div’ enclosing the whole group of elements. But the sizing of the section and other shape elements are being changed as well.

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Hey Everyone!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! We are currently looking into this to see if we can identify the cause. In the meantime, try Ungrouping the Components and Regrouping them and let me know if that resolves the issue.


Hey Everyone!

I just go word that this has been resolved. You can delete the additional Shape Components and this should not continue happening.

Please Submit a Support Ticket if you experience this again!


I’ve just found some of these mythical ‘shape sections’

They have inherited Actions and Visibility too - which gives rise to problems and creating bugs in my app, not discounting rogue actions adding to my monthly count.

Do I now have to check every element within my app?
There is a few thousand you see, so I would rather not need to.

If Adalo can’t fix it in a batch, then we need some more info on what elements it has affected, dates etc…

I had to delete these everywhere manually.

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