Can someone explain the use of containers (rectangles, etc)?

I often see people talking about the use of “containers” (most commonly, rectangles) in forum discussions, but I haven’t seen any guidance on how, when, and where to use them. I understand the general idea, but I’d really like to ask for more information.

When should I use a container element, and what are the best practices for them?

Should I always group elements to the container?

What problems might I run into if I don’t use one?

In short, is there, or can someone write, an overview of containers as intended by the Adalo developers?

Just trying to get a better grip on the best ways to use Adalo.

Thanks so very much!

Containers are really important by design side. Imagine they are like “layouts” where to put your components such as buttons, texts or lists.
I mostly use a Rectangle + Icon to build buttons, in order to get more clickable area. You could even use Ellipse + Icon to get something similar to an Action Button.
Or to make the Top App Bar, i use a container Rectangle + Text + Icon.
Remember to always group Container + Component so they are like a unique thing
Grouping elements saves you a lot of time in case you want to clone an app section

See some exemples


Very helpful. Thank you.

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