What does the ⚠️ sign mean on the custom actions?

Hi, all my custom actions are showing this error. Does anyone know what this could be?

thank you

do you have the active pro plan? If no, this could be the reason

I’m in the Legacy paid plan and I paid a few days ago… so I don’t think this could be it.

I’m seeing this as well. I’ve just moved from a legacy pro plan to a professional plan which still includes custom actions, but I’m getting this error symbol. There doesn’t seem to be a way to find out what the error is. The custom action in question works fine when tested, but in deployment, it’s working inconsistently.


Hey all, Iv been told by one of the dev guys that this is merely a visual bug due to some code clean up happening on the back end. Should be resolved by the end of today.


Makes sense, managed to fix the consistency issue with my custom action. Thanks for clearing this up :smiley:

The icon should be gone now :smile: thank you for flagging the issue


I still have this issue

@boughzala Could you please submit a ticket so we can take a further look at this?


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