What happened if I failed to renew my plan

I’m planning on using Adalo to publish my app on playstore and app store, if possible to download and have a copy of the app on my phone.

What happened if I failed to renew my Adalo plan, will those app be unpublished from app stores.

I want a one-time deal, design the app and then published.

Hey, the app would still be available. However you wouldn’t be able to send updates, create a database record, update a record or use APIs/actions. Your app would merely only be available on the appstores but no functions would work if you cancel or do not renew. I accidentally unpublished an App and that’s what happened from what I could see.

@iAppsNi @Adewebs I don’t know but it’s really looks that Adalo creating artificial technical problems and forcing to use there new plans. In EU we have contracts and we must follow them. For example in my case Adalo automatically charged my money, stating that our agreement is still valid until 10/02/2024. In EU it would mean, taht you can refuse it in 10/02/2024, but maybe in US law is defferent. I don’t know. In any case it is very unpolite action. And now I am sitting with big issuses from Adalo side (Google console showing that APK is created with old libraries and with old version 1.0.0). I am still waiting responce from them, but looks like they don’t want to talk. And now don’t know what to do - now I just can’t go to other plan, because maybe they have big tech problems and I just simple loose money. Can’t understand what is going here:) In EU all problems are solving fast and in correct way.

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