What happened to Friendly URL add-on?

I’ve been looking for a solution to the common “how do I create an external URL hyperlink” which there’s about a hundred forum topics on.

Seems like Friendly URL was referenced a lot, but not seeing it anywhere in the marketplace. Was it removed/unsupported?

Has Adalo figured out a way for me to have a URL to, say, a user’s profile page? How do I promote my app on social media if there isn’t a URL for it?

There are a few things to unpack here.

First, you’re correct there aren’t friendly URLs. The first version that was published by a community member was buggy and they didn’t support it.

You can upvote and comment on the request for deep links here: Deep Links | Voters | Adalo

Second, our usual work around for this is we create a text property that users can share. It’s usually something like:

"Hey, John Doe requested you join their team. Download APPNAME and enter referral code XYZ when you join.

You can download the app here: APPSTORELINK"

And of course, as your app is listed in the store, you can always share your landing page or app store links to promote it.

Hopefully that helps.

Thanks a lot Erik. Will try to see if this works.

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