What is meant by 5 GB data storage?


I’m building a multi-vendor market and I have 5 GB data storage (Pro plan). My question is, after I release the application, what will happen when vendors inter their products photos and information with a data exceeds 5 GB?

Hi @Moniem! Currently your application will continue to behave like normal. No data will be lost, and all of your users will continue to be able to add records and files. We will get in touch with you when you are nearing or have exceeded the storage limit, and work with you to get upgraded to the next storage plan!

Hope this helps!


Hello @ben1 is it planned to have an overview to see which app takes how much space? This would help us a lot.

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Thank you @ben1 you made it clear.
but is there a method to auto-delete data that is older than a specific date?

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Hi Moniem,

This is not natively possible with Adalo, but should be possible with Integromat.

:100: Totally agree. This will certainly come in the future, but it’s probably not going to be in the product for some time. we will probably be able to do some of these requests manually in the less distant future though.