Are my sums correct? Data storage


We’re developing an app which requires users to upload images, commonly 3/4 images at a time.

If we go with 4 images and each image is around 5mb (common size for an iPhone image), does this mean that if we have the Adalo Business plan (20GB) we can save around 4,000 images at most?

Obviously we’re only just getting started and will initially have a low number of users but obviously being big dreamers we’re curious about the ‘what if’ situation. If we required more data how would we go about this, is it possible to add more data? Has Adalo encountered anything like this before?


This is a common question, we actually answer it and a few others on our pricing page:

What if I need more storage?
If users on your app are sharing a ton of photos, videos, or files with each other, then at some point you might need to upgrade your app’s data storage so that you have more than 20GB that’s included in the Business plan. In that case, we’d be happy to add more storage to your account. Please contact us for pricing.

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