When Airtable data is created, subsequent actions are not executed

Set Airtable to an external DB and set it to do the following when the button is pressed.

  1. update user information
  2. create Airtable data
  3. go to another screen

In this case, 1 and 2 will be executed, but 3 will not.
Also, if you remove 2, 3 will be executed.
And when I check the data in Airtable, I see that the intended data has been created.

Does anyone know how to deal with this problem?

This is most likely because the Step 2 is throwing an exception which is not visible to user.

Do you have linked records update in step 2?

Check inspector using dev tools in chrome, you’ll find the issue.

There will be an update.
I also checked the process in the console and found error code 500.

Linked records will throw this error, do it in 2 steps.

Step1: update all the regular fields
Step 2: update linked records with typecast : true (check api docs)

This fixed my issue previously

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It’s solved! Thank you!
It really helps!

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