Who could make us a private-component (audio recording)

Dear code champions,
who could make us an audio recording, private-component?
The code for audio player is there already.

Hi Peter,

Already in the works, I was hoping to get it out yesterday but my kids keep taking over my computer. The Web version works already (using base64 encoding and Xano because Adalo does not support custom file uploads or storing large strings in their database), the native needs a little more work to get it working properly.

If you want to know when it goes live feel free to head over to PragmaFlow Adalo Toolkit and sign up for the mailchimp thinggy. We do not send marketing materials or span via mailchimp, just information on new components and fixes for existing components.



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I see a client go away because we didn’t have this.

So future looks a bit brighter with this. :grinning:

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The web version is working and released. The native version is not working yet. Soon it will be working, just not now.

Thank you TKOTC. I did visit your pragmaflowservers components, I feel like a child in a sweatshop. There is a world of useful extensions, from Geolocation to local storage, so many. I recommend anyone to have a look.

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Thanks, we only came online 2 months ago tomorrow, so what is in the marketplace is only the beginning, stay tuned for more to come.

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