Why Status Codes 500, 501, 502, 503 Server Error occurs?

I want to do push notification in Adalo app.I watched this video, and do like this video.

But, I try to test, and occurs 500 Server Error like the screenshot…
I don’t find a solutions…


I faced this earlier, before testing this install your build in your mobile device. Without build, it’ll not work

Build? what we call, We must release app made by Adalo, musn’t I?

You should, you have to build something in Adalo!

Build means apk file (android) or ipa (iOS)

  1. Create your app build
  2. Install in your mobile device
  3. Login & Start testing your ZAP

Thank you, that’s what I tried to explain, nice apps you made btw!

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I have already create the app.So “step 1. Create your app build” was done.

Maybe my problem is “2. Install in your mobile device”.
Is installing in my mobile device possible as PWA possible?

This site mentions like this.

you do not need to have published your app to the app stores.

I don’t understand installing in my device…

I may find how to build my app! This screenshot is the form of building app isn’t this?

Can TestFlight Builds send push notifications?

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Refer to this Push Notifications - iOS - Help - Adalo for push notification.

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Hopefully that helps!

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