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Good day,
I cant seem to get my iOS push notifications to work. I can send and receive them successfully with Android , but no luck with iOS. I do ask for permission to send notifications to the user and I also tested the prompt and it works .

I do have a question regarding the setup of the push notifications in the apple store. In the identifiers section on the apple developers page next to the iOS push notification section. Should i create a machine certificate in order to make this work?

Thank you

Did you solve your issue? I have the same problem. Can’t make it work on iOS.

Hi Ale,

Yes I have. Log in to your apple dev account and under Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles make sure you only have one key. (The Adolo key) If you have 2 custom key already then that won’t work. Reason is, that once you publish your Adalo app to the Apple Store through the UI then it creates the key for you, but if you already have 2 custom keys then it won’t be able to add the Adalo key. If that is not the case then Under your identifiers, click on the identifier associated with your app and then scroll down to “Push Notifications” make sure that section is ticked.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the quick reply! I have a single key (the Adalo key) and have Push Notifications enabled (see below). However, I have no certificates associated with Push Notifications. Is that okay?

Was the Push Notification setting enabled before or did you do that now? Everything seems to be in order. And you don’t have to have certifications. Just make sure in your app you do ask for permission (“Request for permission action”) to send them notifications. And of course they need to approve and you can only test that what the account that doesn’t do the triggering of the notification. Example: Account A subscribes to a list. But Account B needs to submit items in that list in order for Account A to receive the notification. Account A can’t subscribe to a list and add items to the list and expecting a notification. If that makes sense?

It was already enabled.

I think that might be it. Will try this now.

It seems to work now! :tada:

In short, you need:

  • To be logged in. Otherwise, notifications are not received.
  • Push notifications do not get delivered to the user that triggered those (as mentioned by @gertperdZA)

Hey, can you tell me where this is? How to find this place in the dev account?

Hi Arvell,

Sure no problem. navigate to this link https://developer.apple.com/ and once you are singed in. then on the landing page you will see Certificates and Identifiers.

Then if you want to have a look at the keys then click on the keys menu on the left.

hope this helps.

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Thank you so much. It seems I have it already set, however, I’ve never experienced this working… I’ll keep testing. Thanks.

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Hello, one easy way to integrate push notifications into your application in iOS is by integrating the INDIGITALL Service, it is very easy to Install, here is the Installation Documentation: https: //docs.indigitall.com/es/indigitallsetup/mobilepushquickstart/ios.html

Hi @miqueas,

Not sure this will work in Adalo: you need Xcode to install iOS SDK.

Best regards, Victor.

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Hei! You can read more here: Let's Discuss a Push Notifications Mechanism for iOS and Android | Agilie app development company blog