Working on a Token generation app for a restaurant

Does any know how to generate unique numbers from 1 to 100 and then reset it to 1 after every 100. Essentially they want to give out 100 tokens at a time and reset the number to zero at the end of the day

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You can use the Rand function! : How to Create a Custom Math Formula - Adalo Resources

After every 100 means? You mean when the token is 100 then make it to 1?

Is it like create several records on the collection or give a comma separated tokens in a one record property?

Thank you

I think you should use the Adalo user ID, to get this ID you can use the Pragmaflow component.
Also you can use a unique data form user, like a phone number, passport, email.

The problem with random is that it could repeat itself.

It is basically an app I’m trying to build for a friend’s restaurant. They want to get rid of the paper token machine so they use an app to do it. The numbers go from 1 to 100 and once that happens the counter has to reset to 1 again. I hope that clarifies it :slight_smile:

I want to pick an option between 1 to 100 only, trying to replicate the real life Tokens you get in the form of printed paper at various govt department both in US and Canada.

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