X button to update a listing that is from a database

I want a button to update a list which we can name for now “Listing” and that listing is populated or updated by the business owner’s account (which is using a different Adalo app). It is confusing I know, I have been chasing my tails for 2 days now.

I just want to have a lead that will point me as to how I can make a “button crash out one item in the list” and also have it not visible to the user who clicked the button.

Here is the diagram to help a bit:

Hi Tito, aparently is just a “logic” problem…
Add a bool field (true or false) on to the class collection, then when the user clicks on the button, trigger an update to set the bool field to true, and then link to the other page, and then in the list just show a records list which will have bool field on false.

Matias from Rimatcom