Xano dropdown in a form

Has anyone figured out how to have a dropdown in a form work using xano as your backend? I was able to get it to work using an adalo database but can figure out how to get it to work with xano. I have tried to add references to both tables.

Fuel table with a reference to Trips table. I want to be able to pick a trip to add to the fuel record using a dropdown when creating or updating a record.

If i use the dropdown menu component it works but i would like to be able to use the form component with a dropdown inside of it.

As far as I know you can’t use the dropdown within the form, it needs to be separate dropdown component.

Thanks for the clear answer.

Just to be clear, are you saying you can’t use Adalo’s dropdown with Xano’s backend?

Or that you cannot put a dropdown in Adalo into a container in Adalo? And if so why?

I was not able to figure this out as well. Actually table references/relationships do not seem to work at all for me with xano, table references are simply not recognized in the data model as relationship. So I am not able to set dropdown defaults and the form also doesnt see the relationship and doesnt propose a dropdown for the property but just an input field. I would say this is a bug in the xano integration. Let me know if you figured more out…

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@Macgyver as I considered having no relationships in the data model when using Xano a severe bug to a data integration I created this bug xano integration - table references not recognized | Voters | Adalo I actually don’t understand how we can use Xano to replace the Adalo database when such a basic thing like relationships that Adalo heavily uses are not there anymore.

this bugs board was closed apparently: I added a new feature request on this: Support for table references/relationships when using Xano as a database | Voters | Adalo please vote :), I guess there are not too many users of xano integration but this is a major limitation

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I had this issue.

Adalo did not recognize it.