Zapier to New Screen Workaround (Time based)

Hi Community,

Context: I’ve built an app where users check-in to locations based on QR code scans. I’d like to send a push notification via Zapier that brings users to a series of feedback screens a couple minutes after their initial check-in. I have the Zapier connection working but only now realized Adalo doesn’t support connecting push notifications to any screen besides the app home screen.

Problem: I’m thinking about adding a True/False “Feedback Received” property to each generated visit and including an action link on the home screen stating “if Feedback Received is false, send user to feedback screens” but I don’t know how to:

  1. connect the current visit back to the feedback screens given the app has already flowed back to the home screen
  2. incorporate the timing I need (the “couple minutes” I mentioned earlier as I don’t want feedback to be provided immediately).

Ask: Does anyone know a workaround for my issue?

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Would love any guidance here as it’s essential for app functionality.