1000 rows and more ... :-(

Hi all, the first public version of my app is almost finished and I’m very happy :slight_smile: It’s a Prospect Manager app for a very specific market.

I work also with agenda and charts components which is my PLUS, compared to competitors app.

I work on it since august. I purchased the Pro plan. I started pushing it on Android as an internal release for the moment.

I imported a 1.000 rows csv file in the main collection for the same user and I discover the app is very very slow.

Lists are very slow, Charts are very slow and agenda crashes the app :frowning:

Many posts on this forum talk about speed problem (That I only see now :frowning: ). I’ve a big ambition for my app and a global vision. 1.000 rows will be the minimum for 1 user I think. And I expect hundreds of users because a real demand exists …

I see people talking about external storage for the data. Can it solve the recurrent delay problem ? What about Charts screen and agenda screen time access ? and what supplier do you use ?

Thanks for having read me.

Hi Tom,

First off, here’s a forum post about the do’s and dont’s of app speed.

Also, for external collections there are two options (most popular):

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Hi @TomAprea,
Great to see another Adalo App going live :). Congrats, looking forward to see it.
Reading this below, I assume you are using Adalo collections. Using Airtable or Xano or any other would be better option to pre-filter the info.

Would be great first to understand how you use the collections and have an idea of what we could filter.

I see people talking about external storage for the data


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Thanks @JL_LJ and @James_App_Maker for your feedback.

Yes absolutely all my collections are in Adalo.

I have 6 Collections
Prospects (the main collection)
4 other collections linked to Prospects: Steps, Category, From, Month
Here are the collections.

03 Months
04 From
05 Category

The idea of my app is: a conversation starts on a social media or wherever with somebody that becomes a prospect. You save this person in the collection Prospect (name, start date of the conversation, category, social media link etc.)

And in the Prospect collection, user manages the progress of the conversation by changing the Step Value each time your conversation goes on.

I had to create a Month collection because I want to work with dates, months and counting how many new prospects the user has in the 1st week of the month, the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th and for all the month, some other charts and circle charts … this the PLUS of my app :wink: In the collection you can find many record of each 8th, 15th, 22nd, 28th and last day of each month.

03 Months

Here is the plan of stats and charts i made.

On the other side there is a notion of " a next follow-up date" that the user manages in the prospect collection and can find also in a calendar screen. But with more than 1000 rows, the agenda component doesn’t stand this quantity of rows because every prospect has 1 follow-up date.

My main issue is the latency of search list.

Hope with all these information, you have a better view of my app and pb. :slight_smile:

Hi @TomAprea,

I would advise to avoid displaying all 1000+ records all at once, be it a list component or calendar component.
Do you filter them before displaying? Also, do you use “lazy loading” for the list (it is in Advanced tab, called smth like “load new items when scroll”)?

But in some cases you might need pre-filtering as @JL_LJ mentioned.

Best regards, Victor.

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I read you all and kept working :slight_smile: and I have some results :slight_smile:

Search List screen

I worked on the visibility of the list which has no filter.

The list is now shown only if letters are written in the search field. The result is very correct. :slight_smile:

Charts & Count

Counts and charts are since the begging filtered. I followed Do’s and Don’ts for app speed recommendations and have dispatched every charts and counts on different screens and keeping filtered respective Category (only 2 categories exists). It’s getting better results … i would said “not the best” but “not that bad” for some of them.

Working on a chart that sums 6 months of rows still lags the navigation between screens :frowning:

I keep going … and let you know

@Victor As I say, I use filtering on every results i want, by Logged User, Category, Step, Dates… I don’t work on mass for the charts & stats component.

Only the Agenda screen is working for the moment with all logged user’s prospects. I didn’t try to filter them yet.

2nd Search List screen

For my other specific search screen for prospect management where user can filter by Category and Step and then goes to another management screen, I used Simple list component and not Custom List component. On custom list component I found the lazy loading option and by activating it, it’s getting better also not the best but It goes better.

Thanks for your Help. I keep going.

Next Step the Agenda :slight_smile:

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