Very bad performances today


Adalo’s performances are currently more than bad.

My app is using an Airtable external collection, containing 3 rows. Nothing else than retrieving these rows, and displaying some fields in a custom list. The API end point call takes between 30 seconds (best case) and … never (worst case).

Can we expect better performances in the coming weeks ? I am afraid to no be able to go further with Adalo if there’s no improvment. As-is, it’s not usable for a business case, users won’t be happy with such perfs…

Many thanks for your feedbacks !

Are you experiencing this slowness from non-external collections as well?

Hi @Ben, I would say no, as far as I’ve only one internal collection in this exploratory app, with is the Users collection. So no, slow perfs for external collections.

I would also say that these outages or oerf dégradations happen every afternoon for me, in France. Could this be due to some IT operations such as backup or others?

I agree with you @ChristopheHK. I am in central Europe and the app is super slow. I am not sure whether it is affected by a large number of screens but I would expect Adalo to be prepared for apps that consist of a few more screens.

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