⌨️ 2 Ways To Use The Enter Text Input Component!

These are 2 ways to use the enter text input component available in the Adalo component marketplace:

:speech_balloon: Chat/Messaging

Wouldn’t it be easier for your users to click ENTER instead of clicking an icon? They would definitely appreciate this highly needed feature. It’s the small things that matter the most.


:closed_lock_with_key: Login/Signup

First impressions are everything. Right when your users signup, you want them to be happy from the beginning, seeing that you put effort into the development of your app. To make it easier on them, instead of making them actually click the button SIGNUP, just let them click enter, it’ll make their life simpler.


Now you’ve seen both ways to use this component in your app. Trust me, your users will love the small things that you add that make the biggest difference.

You can demo this component here. Go check it out in the Adalo Component Marketplace!