💪 Upgrade Your App Experience With The Enter Text Input Component!

Hey Everyone,

Your users can now click the enter button and actions will perform! Whether it’s sending a message, entering a password, or anything else, your users will love this new feature!

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:point_right: Here’s the demo app so you can try for yourself: Adalo Marketplace Components

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Also if you noticed in the 2nd GIF the password is hidden – this update should be released to the component soon.

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Hi Friend, I have a problem.

When the keyboard opens in iOS I can’t see what I type in the text input.
Is there a way to see what I write (it works fine when I open the app on the web)

Web Version

iOS Version:

Can you help me please?

Hi @Cacoreasa,

I think this has to do with Adalo’s layout. I would suggest submitting a support ticket.