3d scanner application

hello guys, please i need some help in creating a 3d scanning mobile app. can i use adalo for that? or is there any nocode platform i can use? thanks, and i look forward to hearing from you. cheers.

Hey @elvis, can you give the community a little bit more detail on what exactly you’re trying to do? More detail the better. Then some of us here can let you know whether Adalo can handle it. You might also want to mention your skillset and comfort with no-code tools to date.


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I want to create a mobile application that when I take pictures it can transform them into a 3d model. I don’t have any tech stacks. Something like the samsung 3d scanner on the note 10.


This could be doable if there is an external API that you can call with the image URL from the Adalo DB that performs the 3d modeling. But I’m not sure how good of a model you will get from a single photo.

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Hello Ben, thanks for this information. Please can you share a resource that can assist me or a tutorial on how I can make this work. I have no prior knowledge of coding and I’ve been looking up youtube if I can get a tutorial but I can’t find any.

You will find lots of good information in the Adalo help docs and youtube tutorials from the Adalo team as well as other community members that are building with Adalo.

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Ok Thanks a lot, I appreciate. :slight_smile:

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