API for 3D scanner and viewer

Hello y’all,
Now that I built the foundations of my app, I’d like to add some more advanced functions: 3D scanner and viewer. I know there aren’t Adalo native functions, which is why I’m looking for an API resources.

I was wondering whether some of you guys had implemented that already?

Looking forward to exchange with you on this topic.

Anyone interested in 3D topics?

Hey @Fr-Eudes - this is something on my todo list to review. I’m from the engineering/construction industry and the leading API for 3D Scanning/Photogrammetry is the Autodesk Forge API. It’s extremely versitile but my concern is that you would need “prescanned” files, documents, images to make it work well. To have native scannig functionality with Lidar/pointcloud/photogrammetry would require native device feature access which would be then into custom component development. So i think inshort you could get somewhat close by using an API, but I suspect you would need to go down the component route long term.

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Thanks for your feedback! I will look into the Autodesk Forge API and see what can be done.

My fix for now is to do everything with external apps and only share the Skatechfab (or the viewer of your choice) link in my app. But that requires external solutions, hence not very user friendly…