403 API Response Error in Production

I am using a get request to fetch data that saves to an external collection and renders on a new screen. In tests, this works ok. In production, I receive a 403 error.

There is no authentication

The GET request: https://api.sheety.co/32e1c813ca6e94c9e162ae97db4278d7/importRunResults/runResults

As you can see in your browser, it works just fine.

Video demo of error: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

Steps to replicate:

  1. Sign in/ log in
  2. Select Run Results
  3. Select Get Data

Expected behavior:

  1. Select Get Data
  2. Links to screen with data results

Screenshots of successful tests:

Link to clonable app: No Code Sports League

Hi @dominiconorton,

I’ve successfully added the collection you’ve mentioned as an External collection:

Could you please clarify, why do you need an additional Custom Action?


I attempted to use the same workaround as a previous post you committed to

Will try again

It worked.

It seems custom action integration didn’t work but regular external collections does.