API return returns with no content

Guys, when I run an API through RUN TEST, the data returns, however, when I try to record the information, it’s out of content, please can you help.

Hi @Denner_Romao,

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You mean when you try to create a record a or update a record with that results you don’t see them? Are you adding them as a screen action the screen actions section?

Also after the custom action you need to store that results because you can’t use them on the other screen. To use them on other screen you need to store them creating a record in a collection or using users collection properties or inputs.

Thank you

HI Dilon follows the video I made for you to understand what happens
these fields in red in the video are blank


perfect, but when I record in the collection the data of the collection is blank

Denner, Thanks for the video! Could you make this video public? Currently it’s set to Private.

HI Dilon access released

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Thanks! Now you can add the results that you get as the output with magic text! Is that the problem or not getting that info once you tried this in the preview?