504 error on test site

I am experiancing a 504 on all of my test sites on adalo anyone know how to fix

Me as well. They will fix it. Probably working on a server or something like that

Mine as well

These issues are getting way too frequent with Adalo


It was back up for a brief second but is back down again now. So it seems that they are working on it.

Glad its not just me thought I broke something, thanks for replying :smiley:

Nope, it’s not just you.

I agree they are alot more popular now than they were though over 1 million people constantly using adalo

Where did you come up with the I million users

Its on there blog post

never knew that…thats a lot of users

Yeah its gonna end up being how roblox is where there servers are like potatos and break every week

Also getting this problem . Did someone send a support ticket? The status page doesn’t indicate error messages.

I’m not sure how to work the support ticket system if im honest

It is a pain. It looks like it came back up and went back down again

No I did not.

yeah its all over the place its so bad because im hosting my site that has users using it all the time so for it to go down rn isnt good

Guys, Team is looking at this!

Okay great one of my sites is back but others down

Yeah, I figured they were working on it. They will fix it soon.

Its Fixed all my sites are back!