"Integromat Experiencing an Error" Messages


I have an app that is using Integromat to extend functionality and every day I get a series of email warnings telling me that "Your scenario (Integromat Scenario) has encountered an error. And it’s always a 503 error.

Does anyone else have this issue where Adalo is going offline for a short period of time and coming back on? Or maybe someone can tell me that there is another issue I can fix.

Thanks for any ideas you might have.

Hi Matt @get-the-memo,

I experience the same, though it’s relatively rare (1-2 times per week).
Didn’t find the way to fix this :-/

Best regards, Victor.

Thank you Victor.

Over the past few days, it has been happening to me about 50 times a day. It’s as if the Adalo server is not stable.

I have submitted a support ticket. Hopefully there is something I can do on my end to rectify the problem.


Sorry to hear that :frowning: what’s the rate of successful requests vs failed ones?
I guess there might be something wrong on the backend with the tables in your app, so only Adalo team can fix that.


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