A veil darkens my screen while giving a normal visibility to some fields

I don’t know if it’s related to a a feature or not, I’m using Adalo for 2 days and basicly not a tech.

After having a look on previous subjects that have been talked, I haven’t found my needed answer, so I’m already sorry if it’s the case and may not applying the right keywords.

Anyway, here is my problem, why does appear in the Login page the dark veil since allowing some fields appear normal?

please have a look on preview mode and edit mode… I wish to have the same way to preview as the edit mode.

Thank you very very much people!

Hi @yayouyi_tataki,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

When you preview the app you need the Login screen as the screenshot of the Editor but it’s displaying not like that and displaying the black screen with the login form. Am I correct?

If it is check your actions. You might have another login screen that linked. If the issue still there Is it possible to record a video that shows the screens inside the Editor and the Preview? ( You can use Loom ) Or you could give the app access to see your app. You can send me a DM!

Thank you

Thank you so much, indeed you’re correct.

The issue was related to my background transparency… Strange. Anyway, I have now manage to apply 100% oppacity and it work correcly.

Thanks @dilon_perera

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