Messed up log in screen

the native version os this app is showing like the image attached

Hey there @karandex

Do you have any elements overlapping each other and/or visibility settings on any of the components?

This usually happens when things aren’t lined up properly or if there are visibility settings that conflict with the alignment.

It’d be best if you can show screenshots of the actual screen and components. Without more information, it’s impossible to troubleshoot.


I have posted link which is clonable
you can check out

Wow. Never seen this issue before. I say submit a ticket.

I did some changes. they were all grouped and some overlapping existed. but how can it messup the main form?

That’s why I said to submit a ticket. Never seen this happen before with the form component.

Done. I hope they help fast. The process of publishing build is super slow and timelines are close


Not sure but this is just my guess.

Maybe the issue is with this Image component.

Can you try removing that Image component and add the Background Image through the Screen’s Settings?

If not works the best would be Submitting a support ticket as Mario Said.

Hope this issue will be solve soon!

Thank you