About Content-Type when executing API Request

I used “Custom Action” to do an “API Request”.
However, the response was an error.

Similarly, when I run “curl command” on my server, there is no error.
So I checked the difference between my server and Adalo.
I discovered that some of the headers had been rewritten.

The header I entered: attached image

Actual Header:
{"Accept":"application\/json, text\/plain, *\/*","Content-Type":"application\/json","X-Amz-Target":"AWSCognitoIdentityProviderService.InitiateAuth","User-Agent":"axios\/0.18.1","Content-Length":"1884","Host":"example.com","Connection":"close"}

“Content-Type” has been rewritten.

For reference, the “curl command” will result in the following:

It’s probably a bug, is it possible to fix it?

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