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Please tell me how to search and narrow down articles that have information on # A and #B from either #A or #B. I know the refinement that has both #A and #B, but I don’t know the refinement of either #A or #B.

Hi @Tomtom ,

You can use binary total which can act as OR

For example in article collection you have properties for #A and #B (2 properties), then add another property which is binary total, so if this article only related to #A, fill this binary total with 10, if it also related to #B, put 11 instead.
If only related to #B, not to #A, put 1, if not related to any of that, put 0.

So you can have filter here, if you want either of them, just choose 10 or 1.

For additional information, check this out

and also this one,

Thank you for your support. Unfortunately, I couldn’t understand.
I want to implement a function that can narrow down articles that can enter multiple hashtags like Instagram by searching. Is it complicated to set up with multiple hashtags?

You could also do search joint, it means you add a text property and put all the tags you want others to search here, as many as you want.

And in the list you put filter search joint property contains search input (where user type their search).

So, whenever their type in the search input is part of the search joint property, it will be displayed.

So you have 2 options here.

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